[Mikrotik] Ipv6 problem

John Babineaux john at rcsaccess.com
Fri May 27 08:05:59 CDT 2016

I have an ISP with ipv4 connection.  We are trying to push ipv6 connectivity on this connection.  When I add an ip address to this port it goes red and says that there is a Duplicate Address Detected.  The ISP says that there is no duplicate ip and I'm at a loss on how to get this working.  I can get it to go black by unplugging the fiber, disabling the fiber port then enabling it and plugging the fiber back in.  It does not seem to want to route ipv6 when this is done.  Is there a known bug in Mikrotik 6.35.2 that would cause this problem or is there something wrong with the ISP that they don’t know about?

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