[Mikrotik] Can't get fiber to work on CCR1036-12G-4S

Scott Reed sreed at nwwnet.net
Tue Dec 30 12:56:16 CST 2014

We have a CCR with a fiber connection.  Once I got the proper module for 
it, no issues.  Taking the one out of the 2011 and putting it in the CCR 
did not work.  I don't have part numbers handy, but that link has been 
up over 132 days without an issue.

On 12/30/2014 11:02 AM, Paolo Di Francesco wrote:
> Hi all
> it looks like the interfaces are still having issues.... I have heard 
> from a collegue that his CCR got frozen after setting the interfaces 
> at 100M
> I really would like to deploy CCRs (for energy reasons) in my data 
> center, but it seems they are not yet ready or not fully ready
> So the workaround is to test and cross fingers (or have a good remote 
> management with serial and power) and discover what you can do and 
> what you cannot do (set this interface with this value, etc)
> I hope Mikrotik will spend more time making products with less 
> features but more stable... we will see....
> Just my 2 Euro cents
>> I posted this on the MT forum, but I realize that many do not read 
>> them, and
>> I could really use some help finding an answer
>> I have a CCR1036-12G-4S (ROS 6.23 BL 3.20) as my edge router. 
>> Actually using
>> it as a switch right now but planning to migrate the duties of my 386 
>> based
>> unit (ROS 4.16) over to this to save power and eliminate moving parts.
>> My Metro Ethernet comes in on multimode fiber and we purchased this 
>> card to
>> allow us to connect it to the 386 based box.
>> http://www.alliedtelesis.com/media/data ... 1sx_ds.pdf
>> It has worked great but it is time to update. I have tried twice to move
>> this fiber circuit over to the CCR but have been unable to get it to 
>> work.
>> Yesterday I was thrown off track for several hours by the bug where the
>> CCR's LED assignments get boogered and the LEDs for all SFP ports were
>> flashing. The forum helped a lot with finding that. They somehow were 
>> mapped
>> to ETH1.
>> So anyway, I did all the normal tests on my fiber jumpers, swapping 
>> SFPs etc
>> (I tried a Dell one and a Transition Networks one).
>> I even had the crew at the data center go over all the patch cables 
>> involved
>> with getting me over to the demarcation of the fiber (a Ciena layer 3
>> switch) just in case. All looked fine. I could never even get the CCR 
>> to say
>> the link was up until I turned off auto-negotiation on the CCR. I do not
>> have access to the Ciena- belongs to fiber provider.
>> After that, the link came up and I saw received traffic on the 
>> interface.
>> But never saw more than 3 transmit packet attempts.
>> Plugged fiber back to the 386 unit and things worked fine. Back to 
>> the CCR-
>> Nothing. I did try several setting changes on the SFP port but nothing
>> worked any better. I did make sure the SFP port was added to the 
>> bridge with
>> the Ethernet ports and I did try all 4 SFP ports.
>> We are all stumped. Does anyone have any suggestions? Shouldn't fiber 
>> "just
>> work", especially if it is just moving from one MT to another?
>> I have checked the release notes for all firmware loads and can't find
>> anything about the SFP port at all.
>> Any Ideas????
>> Thanks
>> Ralph
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