[Mikrotik] Dual-Chain Radio Cards

Jon Paul Kelley jpk at ckswireless.com
Thu May 30 09:13:02 CDT 2013

I have been having very good luck with the RB711UA-2HND. It has the
integrated radio card and the performance has been very stable for me when
running as an AP.

Jon Paul Kelley
CKS Wireless

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What are you using for dual chain 2.4GHz cards in MT boards?

We are currently using XR2 for our APs, but want to move to dual-polarity.
We have some R52n-M cards out, but the XR2s hear better and have higher
transmit power.  I am really looking for the receive sensitivity, but I like
higher power cards because the signal seems to be cleaner on almost all
cards the more the transmit power is decreased.  So an XR2 at 24dB seems
cleaner than an R52n-M at 24dB.  I don't have testing to prove, but we
almost always get better performance if the card is not running at maximum

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