[Mikrotik] Dude Question

Rory McCann rmm.lists at gmail.com
Tue May 28 11:02:59 CDT 2013

Hi guys,

I'm playing around with The Dude on an RB1000 (using dude v4beta1) and 
I've got a question on setting up labels.

I've found that when using SNMP on my mikrotik devices, when the label 
refreshes, it displays all the variables for a few seconds before 
displaying the values. For example, when it refreshes, the label says:

Rate: [Interface.Speed]
Rx: [Interface.InBitRate]
Tx: [Interface.OutBitRate]
Status: [Interface.OperStatus]

Then after a few seconds, it will display:

Rate: 100 Mbps
Rx: 50 bps
Tx: 51 bps
Status: up

Since I don't like this behavior, I decided to try switching the link 
type from SNMP to RouterOS and use the native variables. This works much 
better, however I can't seem to find an equivalent for 
[Interface.OperStatus]. If I try to poll the OID, I always get "up(1)" 
regardless if the link is actually connected or not.

Is there a variable that RouterOS would understand to simply tell me 
"up" or "down" for the Interface status?

Rory McCann
Minn-Kota Ag Products
P: 701-403-4877 | E: rory at mkap.com

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