[Mikrotik] Routes don't come back with L2TP tunnels

Don Gould don at bowenvale.co.nz
Fri May 24 01:37:55 CDT 2013


I have a router set up: - Me - Customer

Me has  -
Customer has  -

I have a VPN dial in from customer to me.

When the power goes out to 'me' and comes back up again the VPN link 
re-establishes ok but the routes don't.

If I go into 'me'/IP/Route I can see the range but no 
gate way selected and it's read.

In /ppp/secrets I can see there's a setting for 'routes'.  Am I meant to 
use this feature to tell the router to fix the route when the VPN link 
comes back up?

If so, then what syntax am I meant to put in there?


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