[Mikrotik] OSPF issues

Scott Reed sreed at nwwnet.net
Wed May 15 08:29:01 CDT 2013

Please define "many routers."  We have over 600 RouterBoards 
participating in OSPF and the only time we have an issue is when a 
wireless link flaps as OSPF needs to recalculate the table before it is 
done. That seems to be where there is a memory issue.

On 5/15/2013 9:23 AM, Paolo Di Francesco wrote:
> Hi
> yes STILL....OSPF has issues when your network has many routers 
> participating to the OSPF graph. The simple solution is to decrease 
> teh number or routers in the graph i.e. do not use OSPF where not 
> absolutely needed and use static routing where possible
> Also you have to use the right 'configuration' on the link (if you are 
> using wireless to connect) in order to let the OSPF messages pass. 
> Usually ptpm solve many link issues
> Occasionally, I see OSPF disappearing or not properly working in some 
> links, i.e. traffic passing but OSPF down on that link. In that case, 
> rebooting the LINK (not the router) makes things go again
> Obviously this opens some problems when you are using PPPoE or 
> accordingly with your network infrastructure.
> Regards
> Paolo
>> All-
>>     I've been noticing a lot of OSPF/route issues, mostly with older 
>> code as I've been adjusting the network (properly).  After some 
>> network maintenance I'm going to be bought some time, but I've lost 
>> connections to routers (where rebooting brought them right back, no 
>> changes).  Travelling to a router at whenever, not fun, and I know 
>> it's my fault because I don't have OOB built yet.
>>     It looks like this:
>> http://forum.mikrotik.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=57781&start=0
>>     Does anyone have a CR# for this so we can confirm OSPF fixes, or 
>> perhaps a recommended Code to run until it is?
>>     It looks like some of yall are seeing the same thing.
>>     What's the best code for OSPF/routes?
>> -Mike Miller
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