[Mikrotik] rOS v6.1 and Router Outbound IP Address

Rory McCann rmm.lists at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 13:17:33 CDT 2013

Has something changed recently in routerOS v6.x that involves how the 
router chooses its IP address for outbound (router to internet or router 
to router) connectivity?

In the past, the router would always choose the first public IP address 
listed in the terminal for its outbound communications. In v6.1 (which I 
installed to utilize untagged VLAN support) I've noticed that it appears 
to be choosing the lowest integer IP rather than the first assigned.

Eg: I have a router with and assigned to it. was the first one programmed and my "preferred" router 
communication IP for IPSec, EoIP, etc.

Upon reboot, the router starts talking on instead of I have to remove and re-add the IP in order to change this 
behavior. Upon reboot it again chooses

Are there some new firewall/NAT rules that affect this behavior or a 
setting somewhere or is this some kind of obscure bug?

Rory McCann
Minn-Kota Ag Products
P: 701-403-4877 | E: rory at mkap.com

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