[Mikrotik] PPPoE Server Setup

Patrick Wheeland patw at csinet.com
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Amazing.  I won't admit how long I was banging my head on my desk trying to
figure out what I was doing wrong.  That was about three clicks and it's

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On Sun, 2013-01-13 at 21:37 -0600, Patrick Wheeland wrote:
> I’m new to Mikrotik and so far it hasn’t gone well for me.  For some
> reason, I’m having a really hard time getting a PPPoE server running
> correctly.  I’m playing with a RB750GL running 5.22.  We’ve been
> running PPPoE using a Cisco as a concentrator without a problem.
> Here’s my hang up.  I can establish a PPPoE session with the
> credentials from my FreeRadius server which hands me a public ip.  The
> interface for the PPPoE session on the Mikrotik shows the public ip
> that freeradius handed me.  But when I route through the Mikrotik, I’m
> appearing as the Mikrotiks local address.  Basically it’s like NAT is
> turned on but I haven’t done anything with NAT.  (Or maybe I have and
> don’t realize it.)  Do I need to setup a rule to explicitly say not to
> NAT the PPPoE sessions?  Or do I just have something misconfigured?
> Does anyone know of a guide for setting up a Mikrotik PPPoE server
> using external radius and public ip’s to the customer?  I’ve tried the
> google but I’m not having much luck.  Any help you can provide would be
> very much appreciated!


RB750 masquerades ALL traffic out the WAN port by default.  You can disable
that rule or alter it to only masquerade the default subnet.  IP->Firewall->NAT

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