[Mikrotik] RB493AH performance

Scott Reed sreed at nwwnet.net
Sat Jun 16 08:12:05 CDT 2012

Have you checked out the x86-based routers from Butch Evans or Baltic 
Networks rather than putting your own together?

On 6/15/2012 4:30 PM, Simon Westlake wrote:
> I have a mix of RB1100 x2AH in towers along with some x86 boxes for 
> larger towers. The big benefit of the RB1100 x2AH is that it has a 
> much better operating temperature range than any x86 box you're going 
> to be able to affordably put together.
> So far, I only have three RB1100 x2AH deployed but they are working 
> very well (they replaced RB493s with similar issues, couldn't process 
> the needed amount of packets.) I have about 35 RB450/493 deployed and 
> 5 x86 boxes in towers. We'll be using the RB1100x2AH for the future, I 
> think.. until they get squashed and we need something bigger. Some of 
> the locations they are at are sitting at 100f+ inside the box and they 
> are still rocking along.
> On 6/15/2012 11:40 AM, Troy Settle wrote:
>> Curious as to other people's experiences with the 493AH.  I have a 
>> site that
>> needs to push up to about 20Mbit/s and run 150-200 simple queues.  
>> It's been
>> working fine until we added the queues, then it started dropping 
>> packets all
>> over the place.  I guess we just overwhelmed it?
>> Looking at the RB1100AH as a replacement, but should we consider 
>> going up to
>> an x86 based router?
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