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Scott Reed sreed at nwwnet.net
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You only have "1 port" as far as statistics because everything is driven 
by ether 2.  The way you did it is correct, but MTs implementation does 
not give statistics on the slave ports.
What do you mean by "manage each port."?
By definition, all the traffic is exactly the same on all bridge ports.
As switch is different in that it "routes" MAC addresses, but there 
still isn't really anything to manage on a per port basis in the MT 

On 6/15/2012 11:39 AM, Ty Featherling wrote:
> I ask this about routerboards in general but I am dealing with a 750up at
> the moment. This model has a switch chip and ether2-5 are all tied to it.
> In order to get traditional switch functionality do I need to create a
> bridge and add those ports to the bridge? I tried slaving 3-5 to ether2 and
> that does the trick but then I only get stats for that one port. I have a
> dhcp server setup for downstream devices but I want to be able to manage
> each port as needed. Is a bridge the way to go?
> -Ty
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