[Mikrotik] RB751U blinking lights

Bill Prince part-15 at SkylineBroadbandService.com
Wed Jun 13 12:25:23 CDT 2012

I have next to zero experience with these all-in-one units.  However, 
one of our subscribers wanted to try one.  I ordered a few, and sold him 
one of them.

Next day, he is telling me the thing worked for about 4 hours, then did 
the blinking light dance as described here 

He left it plugged in overnight, and it came back to life.

This guy happens to live off-grid, and makes his own power with solar.  
His system is 24VDC with an older-model Trace inverter control system.  
I'm wondering if the PS that comes with these things might be intolerant 
of inverter power?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


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