[Mikrotik] Ipv6 Firewall Question - PSD Field

Keith Barber keith at reliablevi.com
Fri Jun 8 11:16:06 CDT 2012

Good afternoon all,


I’m working on reworking our core firewalls, and have come across a
field that doesn’t seem to exist in the ipv6 firewall.


(this is run as part of the input chain)

add chain=SanityCheck action=jump comment="Indentify low port scan and
tarpit" disabled=no dst-port=0-1023 jump-target=PortScan protocol=tcp


Is my rule, and the ‘psd’ is what is missing.  The router I’m working
with is v4.17, not sure if that exists in v5 or if there is another way
to write this rule.


Thanks for any ideas.



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