[Mikrotik] RB433 Reboot

Darren Shea dshea at ecpi.com
Mon Dec 31 12:26:40 CST 2012

   How often are the reboots? We've had several Mikrotiks with the bad
capacitors (433 and 493 models) which began occasionally rebooting and
eventually got so bad they wouldn't stay up for more than a few minutes. The
easiest way to verify this is the problem is to look at the caps on the
board - if they're swollen or leaking electrolyte (you'll see staining on
the top), the problem will only get worse.
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I have a site with 1 RB411AH, 1 RB433AH and 1 RB433.  All use the same power
supply.  The RB433 reboots every so often with the message: 
jan/01/1970 19:00:18 system,error,critical router was rebooted without
proper shutdown The other two run forever.
Unit with problem is running 5.21 with firmware 2.41.  It has an SR9 and an
XR2 card on it, as does the RB433AH.  This is the second card to have this
issue in this cabinet.  The original was an RB433AH.  I did a compact
export, cleaned it up and loaded it on the RB433.
Any ideas what other than power may cause a reboot?
Oh, there are no supout files and the Watchdog is not set to do pings.

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