[Mikrotik] Changing Queue names by searching IP address

Paul McCall PaulM at pdmnet.net
Mon Dec 24 07:31:21 CST 2012

We use Azotel at the core for customer/network management and it can export a spreadsheet.

I can manipulate that into the appropriate TIK scripts per tower to set simple queue info.  However, we make "micro adjustments" to the bandwidth for some customers, so I don't want to lose what bandwidth rates are already in (by IP address) in the router.

So, what I need to do is something like this...

have the script search by IP address to get the sequential number for the simple queue, then do a set # name="current customer name", based on that #

Would like to run this a couple times a month to keep everything updated, in the most automated fashion possible.

Any ideas?

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