[Mikrotik] 802.11n vs 802.11a

Matt Larsen - Lists lists at manageisp.com
Tue Apr 24 10:25:15 CDT 2012

We are finding out that 802.11n links do some weird things when they get 
over 25 miles.They will run 70meg and then drop to 5 even though the 
signals and other RF conditions have not changed.As you can imagine, 
this makes latency go all over the place.We found that by setting them 
to 802.11a mode, we can get them to carry 30meg consistently with a much 
narrower range of latency results.    This is reflected in much higher 
CCQ% on the 802.11a links vs the 802.11n links.   Also seems like 
Nstreme (not NV2) with a framer policy of 'none' and CSMA disabled is 
the most stable setup.

Just thought some folks might find this useful.   Butch has said that 
some of our 802.11n problems may have had to do with multipath.    YMMV.

Matt Larsen

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