[Mikrotik] dst-nat question

Sam Tetherow tetherow at shwisp.net
Thu Apr 19 21:22:00 CDT 2012

If you have ssh on on the bullet, just log into the 750 then
/system ssh user=ubnt

(replace ubnt above with the appropriate username if you changed it in 
the bullet)

from the command prompt:
route add default gw

Assuming is what the default gateway should be
On 04/19/2012 06:24 PM, Matt Larsen - Lists wrote:
> I have a customer radio that we can't get to because the installer 
> forgot to put in a default gateway.
> It is a Ubiquiti bullet5 radio with an IP address of
> I have a Mikrotik 750 at the base with an IP of on the 
> inside interface and on the external interface.
> What set of commands would I have to use to set up a dst-nat to send 
> port 8080 on the interface to port 80 on the 
> interface so I can set the damn gateway?
> I'd send someone out to fix it, but the customer is 120 miles away 
> from our office!   At least their Internet is working fine.
> Thanks!
> Matt Larsen
> vistabeam.com
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