[Mikrotik] dst-nat question

Matt Larsen - Lists lists at manageisp.com
Thu Apr 19 18:24:20 CDT 2012

I have a customer radio that we can't get to because the installer 
forgot to put in a default gateway.

It is a Ubiquiti bullet5 radio with an IP address of

I have a Mikrotik 750 at the base with an IP of on the 
inside interface and on the external interface.

What set of commands would I have to use to set up a dst-nat to send 
port 8080 on the interface to port 80 on the 
interface so I can set the damn gateway?

I'd send someone out to fix it, but the customer is 120 miles away from 
our office!   At least their Internet is working fine.


Matt Larsen

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