[Mikrotik] Redirecting x.com to y.com

Keith Barber keith at reliablevi.com
Tue Apr 17 16:32:29 CDT 2012

There are limited wildcards as well.

:google  should catch anything with google in the url.


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Just enable the web proxy and add the required domains to the access 
section  with a redirect to the site of your choice.

I do this for all port 80 when a client has not paid. They get to my 
'suspended account' page.

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> I have a client who wants us to maintain a list of domains that his 
office is not allowed to access.

He wants all domains in this list to be redirected to a specific site.

So if his office workers goes to porno.com or any other domain on his 
blacklist it would send them to badworker.com

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