[Mikrotik] Ring Implementations?

Randy Cosby dcosby at infowest.com
Fri Mar 25 11:05:00 CDT 2011

We have a new network we've built out with Mikrotik backhauls and 
RB450G's at each tower.  The towers are all connected to each other in a 
ring, as shown below.  Users off each AP are connecting over PPPOE 
through a PPPOE concentrator (Cisco 2811) at the main tower.  At the 
Main Tower, we use a cisco 3560 switch instead of a Mikrotik router.

Main Tower :  PPPOE concentrator, backhauls to Tower 1 and 3

Tower 1 :  2 AP's, sitemonitor, etc.  BH's to main tower and tower 2.

Tower 2 : 2 AP's, sitemonitor, etc.  BH's to tower 1 and tower 3.

Tower 3 : 2 AP's, sitemonitor, etc.  BH's to tower 3 and main tower

Main Tower -----  Tower 3
    |                |
    |                |
   Tower 1---------- Tower 2

We need to have private IP access from the main tower to each of the 
devices for management, as well as have layer 2 ethernet from each 
enduser device back to the PPPPOE concentrator.  Currently we have 
separate vlans from the main tower to tower 1 and tower 3.  We manually 
(working on scripting) swap the active vlan in case of an outage, but 
that is not optimal.  We've looked at the Mikrotik mesh, but it didn't 
seem very reliable - breaks in the ring would take a long time to 
"heal."  We didn't spend much time on that though, so we could possibly 
do more optimization to get that working well.  Just curious what others 
are using to get automatic fail-over and load sharing in this type of 



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