[Mikrotik] 450G question

Scott Lambert lambert at lambertfam.org
Thu Mar 24 13:34:41 CDT 2011

On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 06:32:22PM +0100, Martín Ruiz [Ibersystems.es] wrote:
> 2011/3/24 john <john at rcsaccess.net>
> > I have been having a weird problem with 450G routers.  They seem to not
> > reboot when you tell it to reboot in the software.  You have to Hard Boot
> > it.  The lights go off and it just sits there.  All but the Blue light.  I
> > have one that I just got out of the box and upgraded it to 4.17.  the first
> > reboot went well.  I did a reboot to upgrade firmware and it happened.  We
> > mainly use POE Power supplies that run 24i.  Anyone else has any problems
> > with certain power supplies or this problem?
> >  
> I had problems with 24V in 450s. Use 12V better, but the problems was with
> heat 60-65 C..

I don't know what the temp was on my boards when they failed to
reboot after a firmware upgrade.  My 450Gs use 12V power supplies.
One supply on the 450G which failed to reboot on upgrade in the
field says it sees 11.4V from the power supply, according to MRTG.

In the 24 hours I've had MRTG setup to graph voltage and temp, the
voltage has been a constant 11.4v.  The temp has varied from 42 C
to 56 C.  Unfortunately the problem firmware upgrade happened a
week before I found time to add the temp and voltage monitoring to
the mrtg host templates.

How hot is too hot for these things?  I haven't found the answer
to that question via google searches after a couple of hours of
digging through the query results.  

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