[Mikrotik] 450G question

Scott Lambert lambert at lambertfam.org
Thu Mar 24 13:25:59 CDT 2011

On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 01:29:46PM -0400, Josh Luthman wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 1:25 PM, john <john at rcsaccess.net> wrote:
> > I have been having a weird problem with 450G routers.  They seem to
> > not reboot when you tell it to reboot in the software.  You have
> > to Hard Boot it.  The lights go off and it just sits there.  All
> > but the Blue light.  I have one that I just got out of the box and
> > upgraded it to 4.17. the first reboot went well.  I did a reboot to
> > upgrade firmware and it happened.  We mainly use POE Power supplies
> > that run 24i.  Anyone else has any problems with certain power
> > supplies or this problem?
> >  
> I have not seen that with any MT at all.
> Plug in a serial console and see where it hangs.  Ultimately I would
> just end up with a comfortable version of MT that works (to each their
> own).  Be absolutely sure you update the firmware!!!  That is /sys
> routerb pr and up

That is the part that blows up.  The OS upgrade goes smoothly.  Then
you see that there is a routerboard firmware upgrad and you have
to power cycle the board when it still hasn't come back 5 minutes
later.  I've seen that about 2 or 3 RB-450Gs when upgrading from
2.28 to 2.29.  I think I have 5 or 6 of the RB-450Gs.  When it
happens on the bench, I don't care.  One happenned in the field.
That wasn't good.

I have 3 RB-493Gs and, if I remember correctly, one of them had to
be power cycled.

Also, during Dennis' training class in Salt Lake, I had the same
issue with the RB-433 I was using. 

On all of those, I was upgrading to 4.16 from various 4.11 or earlier
loads, whatever was preloaded on the board when they arrived here.

I've not seen it happen on my 5 RB-750Gs.  

On all of these platforms, my sample sizes are too small to say x%
fail to reboot successfully after a firmware upgrade.

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