[Mikrotik] mssql client dragging over 4.16 l2tp

Corey Freeman corey at freephoenix.net
Tue Mar 22 22:20:19 CDT 2011

Hello guys,

BUTCH: I'm trying not to go into too much detail in case I'm breaking some
list rules..
If someone can help off-list, please let me know.  I'm not necessarily
looking for free help. 

I have 3 remote offices connecting back to a main office.  All are rb750 or
450g, 4.16.  All connections are 20mb/5mb or faster (60/15 at main office).

I'm trying to troubleshoot a client application that is heavy SQL based, and
I'm somewhat stuck.  One of the remote offices is on the same isp as the
main office, and clients there are having no issues. 
When the app loads, it's repeatedly requesting (and receiving) information
from the server, but is not acknowledging it.   
I'm expecting to find some sort of MTU issue or other PPP setting affecting
the traffic.  So that's why I'm posting this here. 
I can supply configs as well as a wireshark capture of the client.  

Corey Freeman

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