[Mikrotik] MPLS/VPLS in a production WISP network

Andrew Thrift andrew at networklabs.co.nz
Tue Mar 22 03:53:45 CDT 2011


I have recently been doing some testing of MPLS/VPLS on a WISP network, 
and so far my experiences have been quite poor.

Issues experienced so far:

-    VPLS tunnels being up but not passing packets
-    VPLS tunnels only passing 1496 byte packets, even with sufficient 
-    LSR's rebooting under load

All testing so far has been on 5.0rc9,10 and 11

I was wondering if anyone else is running MPLS/VPLS in their WISP 
network,and has it been a success,    or am i breaking new ground here ?


Andrew Thrift

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