[Mikrotik] Cookie problem on Hotspot

Stuart Pierce spierce at avolve.net
Sat Mar 12 09:38:22 CST 2011

I had a Tik box do what sounds similar and it was because of the time being off.

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>List has been dead- hope it is still working
>Our MT hotspots have quit allowing users to log in via cookie.
>The HS does create and store the cookie, but it is like the cookie feature
>is broken by something.
>We use Wireless Orbit for AAA, so on the hotspot  profile under "login".
>Both PAP and Cookie are checked.
>This worked fine for years but suddenly quit without us doing anything other
>than routine upgrades.
>MT has nothing in bugs about hotspot cookies and I do have a hotspot that
>does not use AAA whose cookies work fine.
>Anyone got any ideas, fixes, suggestions, etc.?
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