[Mikrotik] My routing problem

Andrew Thrift andrew at networklabs.co.nz
Tue Mar 8 03:12:46 CST 2011

Hi John,

This sounds quite odd, are you running distributed PPPoE concentrators 
or bridging back from the towers to a central concentrator ?

175+ PPPoE sessions on a 450G sounds excessive, for this number of 
connections we would normally run an RB1100 or an x86 box.



On 8/03/2011 11:19 a.m., john wrote:
> We have 16 Towers.  Almost 1900 Customers. 3 Points of presence on the 
> internet (connected together with pptp links).  We are statically 
> routed right now with a 10.X.0.0/16 to each tower router
> My problem is my boss wants to assign an ip to a customer with PPPoE 
> and make that ip work anywhere on the network, with OSPF it is 
> possible.  We tried it but on the Tower Routers that had 175+ PPPoE 
> connections the Mikrotiks would not reboot if told in the software to 
> reboot.  They would power down and not boot back up.  They had to be 
> hard booted.  Not to mention that if I tried to run /export on the 
> mikrotik the CPU usage would peg out at 100% and not come down.  Is 
> there any other way of doing what I need to do.
> The Mikrotiks in question are all 4.15 or less version.  One is a X86 
> processor with more than enough hardware.  The others are 450G.  The 
> Mikrotiks after rebooted are running about 20% or less
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