[Mikrotik] Carving up a /24 with Mikrotiks at multiple sites

rwf ralphlists at bsrg.org
Sat Mar 5 18:13:08 CST 2011

So, now that I have this new fiber connection, I am asking for a little help
in dividing it up for use.

The fiber comes to a main tower (tower 1) that has a hefty MT 386 based
My /24 is delivered to me on a /30  (Lord knows how that works- I've tried
to figure it out)
This tower has a fat PtP link to another tower (tower 2) with another MT
This tower has PtP links to 2 other towers (Tower 3 and 4) that both have
MTs at them.
Tower 4 has 2 PtP links to 2 more towers (Towers 5 and 6)

Towers 2-6 all have hotspots running on them dishing out 10.5.50.x addresses
to clients.

This is what I would like to do:

Have different subnets (/28 or /29) out of my /24   at all 6 towers.
One address from each subnet would be the main WAN address for each hotspot.
The remaining addresses from the /28 or /29 at each tower would be for
equipment at the tower OR for assigning to certain hotspot users who needed
a public. 

Question #1. Does this seem like a reasonable plan?
Question #2. Is there someone who will help me figure this out?



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I need to terminate a new fiber upstream provider in a Dell server we are
running MT on.
This is the card I have selected, so far.
Does anyone know for sure that this card will be recognized by ROS and work
for what I need.
I heard that ROS is a bit picky when it comes to this.




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