[Mikrotik] 5.0RC1 PTMP - quick test results

Randy Cosby dcosby at infowest.com
Mon Sep 20 18:06:06 CDT 2010

  Just got my live AP going with 10 clients.  10mhz channels.  Comparing 
to a similar AP with nstreme,

UDP one-way
Nstreme:  12M Peak, 8-9M avg
Nv2:  13M peak, 11.6-12M avg

TCP one-way
Nstreme: 10.5M peak, 8.5-9.5M avg
Nv2: 10.9M peak, 9.5-10M avg

Very unscientific of course. These are through RB411 clients with R52H 
wireless, Rb411AH AP with R5H wireless.  AP: ap-bridge. Client: station-wds.


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