[Mikrotik] Static Routing Problems

Alan Bryant alan at gtekcommunications.com
Sun Sep 19 16:59:47 CDT 2010

I'm almost certain I have chedcked the firewall, but I will check again.

A traceroute just stops, it is not looping.

I will check the firewall, and if that does not work, I will attempt
to change the subnets to 10. something and see if that makes a

Thank you guys very much for your suggestions.

On Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 1:10 AM, Jeromie Reeves <jreeves at 18-30chat.net> wrote:
> Yes it does. I did not see the default even after re-pasting the route table.
> [Laptop .22.10/24] --- [.22.8/24 (Eth1 Eth2) .23.1/24] --- [23.254/24 (Eth1)]
> 22.10 can ping 23.1, not 23.254
> 23.254 can ping to 22.10
> Being that you can ping in one direction and not the other, is there a
> firewall active on 23.254 that could be
> blocking ICMP, or NAT on one of the test units? Does not seam likely
> but I do not know the history of the units.
> Try using 10/24 blocks instead (yes it should not matter, I still have
> magic randomness with 192.168 at times none the less)
> Do a trace route to 23.254, see if it shows a loop, or just a black
> hole past 23.1
> If it loops, what does it say?
> If it black holes, look at the firewall, are there in bound ICMPs from 22.10 ?

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