[Mikrotik] dual WAN BGP feeds

james jamesspam at webafrica.org.za
Fri Oct 1 12:04:22 CDT 2010

Hi Michael

I'm actually not sure. I doubt it tho...Does it make a difference?

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Is there subnet larger then a /24 ?

Michael Baird
> Hi Guys
> I'm not that experienced with BGP so I have a few questions for the pro's.
> I have a client that has Fibre connections to two major upstream ISP's.
> They require 99.999999 uptime of their public IP range for mission
> applications.
> Is it possible to use BGP to advertise my client's public subnet via the
> primary ISP and should if they go down, then advertise the same range via
> the backup ISP?
> I'm assuming that I would need to create a BGP feed from my client's core
> router to each of the upstream ISP's?
> Thanks
> James

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