[Mikrotik] Script not running on schedule

Hilton J Ralphs hilton at think.co.za
Wed Jan 13 23:30:31 CST 2010

Are you simply referencing the script in question in the scheduler or are you trying to run the script within the scheduler?

The latter won't work in the later versions.

In terms of the policies, I have write, read, policy and test checked.

Hilton J Ralphs
Think Technologies
From: mikrotik-bounces at mail.butchevans.com [mikrotik-bounces at mail.butchevans.com] On Behalf Of Mark McElvy [MMcElvy at AccuBak.com]

I have created a script on each of my AP's to disconnect active PPPoE
sessions @ 1 sec after midnight. The script works fine if run manually
and on the AP's running 3.20 but on the AP's running 2.25 and up it
never runs on the schedule. I believe it has to do with the new policy
section that appears on the later versions. How should these policies be

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