[Mikrotik] Syslog Servers and Mikrotik

Keith Barber keith at reliablevi.com
Mon Jan 4 14:06:55 CST 2010

Hey Everyone,

Was hoping to get some feedback about any syslog server's you use on your network.

I recently setup syslog-ng, so we could start keeping a better log of our equipment.  I have all the basic messages, like the system, and warning and stuff.  Which really only give you basic info.

Hoping to squeeze some info about when a link/interface changed states, I added  topics=route,event.  Which did get me that info.  However, it also got me pages and pages of ospf changes.    And they all come in multi-lines, so they don't really parse very well.

Any body know a way to squeeze this info out, but in a better manner?

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