[Mikrotik] Dude remote probes

Josh Luthman josh at imaginenetworksllc.com
Sun Aug 30 12:18:19 CDT 2009

You can VPN the two networks.  You'll need a unique subnet on every
hotspot though.

On 8/30/09, Ralph <rwf at brightlan.net> wrote:
> I need a refresher on The Dude.
> If I want to use my remote RouterOS hotspots as Dude remote probes, do I
> need to install anything on them or enable anything there?
> I plan to use a central Dude machine and want the probes to monitor things
> inside the network (APs and such that are behind the hotspots).
> I'm thinking I just point the main machine at all the hotspots, but feel
> like I am missing something.  I don't want to install the Dude package on
> the routerboards if I don't have to because of the performance hit it
> causes.
> Thanks!
> Ralph
> Brightlan.net
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