[Mikrotik] Quick setup question - backhaul with ISP provided addresses

David Smith david.smith at preferredtechnology.com
Mon Aug 24 12:45:52 CDT 2009

So I have at both ends I have ether1 and wlan1 in bridge1
The near (isp) side wlan1 is ap bridge.
The far end wlan1 is station pseudobridge.
Will this setting cause erratic behavior, like one end or the other not responding and requiring a reboot?
How can I change the far end and near end and not "pull the ladder out from underneath myself".
It's a 6 hr drive ;)

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On Mon, 2009-08-24 at 10:43 -0500, David Smith wrote:
> I have mostly done setups on our network where we control all the IP addressing etc.
> We are doing a backhaul where we have an ISP giving us a block of 5 addresses (x.x.x.16/29)
> So, the ISP is using x.x.x.17 for their router.
> I can use .18, and .19 for the Mikrotik routers.
> I have a RB433 on each end w/ an r53350 in each.
> So, do I use .18 and .19 on the Ethernet ports on each end of the backhaul, then build a bridge using say 10.x.x.x for bridge IP?
> Is this bridge, pseudobridge?

You can do this with WDS bridge or other bridge technique.  I would not
recommend pseudobridge in this application.  You need a true bridge.
FWIW, this is one part of the discussion we will be having in the
training class coming up on Thursday.

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