[Mikrotik] recieve signal loss

Damian Wallace DWallace at tranzeo.com
Thu Aug 13 18:00:01 CDT 2009

1) Is the lightning arrester correct for that frequency?
2) Did you try the other port on the card.  Could be a bad RX path

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I have been battling with one of my AP having receive signals 8-10 db
less at the AP than the client. This is a RB532A with SR-2 and 16db 120
deg sector.  I replaced the radio, pigtail, cable and the lightning
arrestor. I finally pulled out the lightning arrestor and the signal are
now mostly symmetrical up/down. I do not see this on my other AP's with
the same style arrestor. Any ideas? I tried two different arrestors with
the same result. 


Mark McElvy
AccuBak Data Systems, Inc.


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