[Mikrotik] Intel Cards and 802.11n questions

Eric Holtzclaw eric.holtzclaw at ispan.us
Wed Aug 12 12:24:43 CDT 2009


Hello Eric,
 Thank you for contacting Intel Technical Support.
 I understand that you are unable to connect at N speeds with the Intel(R) WiFi
 Link 5100 Adapter.
 Please be aware that there are some security settings that are not compatible
 with the 802.11n like WEP and WPA over TKIP, this is explained with more
 detail in the article at:
 Data rate will not exceed 54 Mbps when WEP or TKIP encryption is configured.
 Also, Bellow I included some additional suggestions to achieve best
 Note: To improve performance of your wireless adapter you will need to check
 the settings of both the adapter and wireless router. Our Intel(R) WiFi Link
 5000 series adapters are set to support the 802.11n performance features by
 Intel supports 5GHz channel bonding as it has the best performance for our
 wireless network connection. In order to improve the performance of your
 wireless adapter we recommend the following:
 1.Set your wireless router to use channel bonding.
 2. Implement channel bonding on the wireless router. This allows the router to
 use 2 channels at the same time. Be aware that not all manufacturers use the
 term "channel bonding" they may use other terms such as "Mixed mode".
 3. Check the advanced settings in your wireless adapter:
 Property                                                         Value
 802.11n Channel Width for band 2.4            Auto (not in 20MHz only)
 802.11n Channel Width for band 5.2            Auto (not in 20MHz only)
 802.11n Mode                                                Enabled
 Fat Channel Intolerant                                   Disabled
 Roaming Aggressiveness                              Medium (or less)
 Throughput Enhancement                             Disabled
 Transmit Power                                             Highest
 Wireless Mode                                              802.11a/b/g
 4. On the Router check the following options:
 Enable Auto Channel Scan
 802.11 Mode, select 802.11n only
 Channel Width 40MHz
 For more information regarding 802.11n technology in the Intel Website:
 'What are the supported channels for 802.11n 40MHz?'
 'How does MIMO use multiple antennas to improve performance?'
 'What is channel bonding?'
 'What is MIMO?'

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