[Mikrotik] ROS 3.14 and firmware 2.17

D. Ryan Spott rspott at cspott.com
Thu Oct 30 12:49:33 CDT 2008

ROS 3.14 is all sorts of bad juju, 3.15 is very happy happy.


Mike Hammett wrote:
> I have a client that has been down for a couple days (just called yesterday).  I went out to their house this morning and everything seemed fine...  Usable signals, albeit somewhat low (-82 to -85).  The AP was the only thing the radio saw.  No connection.
> I know those signals aren't great, but around here, I haven't had a problem linking up at -90, not that I keep a link like that.
> Would the bad firmware in 2.17 have caused this or should I chase other gremlins?
> My only other guess is a bigger antenna, but why did the customer work from last winter until now if those signals weren't sufficient?  I'm actually not sure why the customer was installed if the signal was worse than -80, unless it wasn't at the time.
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