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Randall Roberts randall at basinbroadband.com
Thu Oct 2 17:10:50 CDT 2008

Pardon my lack of scripting ....

I have several towers with multiple backhauls, all on a bridged network. So I have to keep the SSID changed on the backup backhaul to prevent an ethernet loop. Sometimes we don't catch problems fast enough.

(Yes, I have a major link using OSPF, but this is on a large bridged network with a subnet spread out and can't be changed easily.)

My thought was to put a RB532 or faster 3 ethernet board at a tower with the ether ports in a bridge-
Ether1    (to network switch)
ON  (was ether2)  disable = no  (to main backhaul)
OFF (was ether3) disable =yes    (to backup backhaul)

The script could ping an IP on the other end of backhauls. If it fails, do this
find interface disabled and rename "ON"
find interface enabled and rename "OFF"
find interface 'ON' and enable it
find interface "OFF" and disable it.

Might have to have a timer to keep it from switching back before pings start going through
Might add a email to let us know it did it.

I don't have a clue to thos if's etc in scripting!!

Also, if this idea is bad, please feel free to tell me!!!

Thanks in advance,
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