[Mikrotik] RouterOS 3.10 upgrade

Aaron, Network Administrator, Great Lakes Internet support9 at greatlakes.net
Fri Jun 6 15:30:55 CDT 2008

Hi Everybody:


Does anybody have any experience upgrading RouterOS 2.9.43 directly to


I have several units in the field that I would like to upgrade. I would
prefer doing it from the office, but I am concerned that such a big
upgrade will affect the settings on the unit and lock me out. This is
especially a concern as I would be upgrading the unit over a wireless


Also, does anybody have any experience with adjusting the settings in
RouterOS to help mitigate the effects of multipathing? Is there anything
I can do on the AP to help improve reliability in a multipath heavy, low
signal strength environment?


Please let me know if anybody has any information.




Aaron, MCP, Network+, A+

Network Administrator

support9 at greatlakes.net


Great Lakes Internet, Inc

112 N. Howard

Croswell, MI 48422


(810) 679-3395

MI Toll-Free (877) 558-8324


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