[Mikrotik] MT & VRRP

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Wed Jan 16 22:23:54 CST 2008

I am looking to do something with the VRRP and MT support does not seem to
grasp what I want to do so I will toss it our here.

Our main router is PC based running MT using a RB11 for Ethernet we
terminate 2 backbone connections into the router and 1 lan connection out to
our switch for customer access. We run BGP on this router for the backbone

We had the hardware fail before causing downtime that was undesirable of
course. So we are looking to add hardware redundancy not internet redundancy
(We have that with the BGP and multiple backbones obviously). We would like
to add another router (or two) that would pick up if one of the other failed
(hardware wise causing it to go offline). However since the main router
terminates the upstream backbone connections how exactly do you use VRRP to
hardware failover when the backbones is plugged into one machine?

I thought you could possibly do this if you terminate each backbone
connection into a network switch and then plug wan1 and wan2 ports of each
VRRP router machine into the respective switch, but would this causing
problems in general? What about with using BGP? 

Any pointers would be appreciated.


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