[Mikrotik] T1 Replacement

Mike Hammett butch-mikrotik at ics-il.net
Wed Jan 16 19:07:11 CST 2008

I got responses a little quicker than I thought.  It looks like EoIP and 
MPLS\VPLS will do what I want.

Differences...  EoIP is Mikrotik only and has additional overhead?

It looks like I need to learn more about MPLS suggested sources?  I've 
looked at Mikrotik and Wikipedia's entries on the subject.

Mike Hammett
Intelligent Computing Solutions

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>I am looking to replace some T1 circuits with my wireless network.  It 
>would be advantageous to have a complete Layer 2 link through my network 
>from the Ethernet port I hand to the client to the Ethernet port I hand off 
>at the provider's NOC.  No IP monkey business for me to worry about.
> What is the most transparent way to do this?  I am looking at using 
> Redline AN-80i or someone's 5 GHz WiMax for the PtMP system and a mix of 
> Redline, Orthogon, and fiber for the backbone.  I have a preference to 
> Mikrotik, then Imagestream routing products.
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