[Mikrotik] Other lists from P15?

Butch Evans butche at butchevans.com
Mon Jan 14 02:59:46 CST 2008

I have created 4 "replacement" lists for the Part-15 lists.  I am 
still getting mail from the Part-15 lists, but I am no longer able 
to post.  Either way, I now have a Mikrotik, Motorola, Tranzeo and 
WISP list created.  I am willing to do more, but those are the only 
ones I am aware of that have any "population".  If you are a member 
of any other Part-15 lists and would like to see a list created, 
please let me know first, so I can create it, then you can post to 
the appropriate list letting folks know that there is a replacement 
list available.  You can see the lists that have been created (and 
subscribe to the various lists) at 

Let me know if there are other lists you'd like to see running here. 
For those that are wanting to know, there are currently about 50 
members of the Mikrotik list and about 8 on the Wisp list.  The 
other 2 have no subscribers, yet (I think there may be one on the 
Motorola list).  Either way, these are your lists, as I am primarily 
interested in the Mikrotik list.

Butch Evans
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