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Casey Mills wkm001 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 13:43:04 CST 2008

This is what he sent to the Motorola list.

Hi All

I was not going to release this information until next week, but its
Friday and next week I'll be attending Animal Farm to get more up to
speed on my wireless deployments. (I highly encourage every Canopy
user to attend). So therefore, I'll make the following announcement.
I've had to make many hard decisions lately, both personal and
professional. Please understand that I did not take the following
decision lightly.

As always, I'm open to any and all discussions about this decision and
policy change. I wish there would have been another way, but I didn't
see any. I hope we don't lose too many folks (if any) because these
lists provide such a great benefit to each of our list members and
have done so as a freebie for over six years.

The last small portion of this decision was because I strongly feel an
industry organization should be supported by the industry it
represents. I know many of you are "paying" members of PART-15.ORG but
the fact remains that most of you are not and I again strongly feel
that the support from a few for the benefit of the many can only last
so long before those few feel that their hard efforts are in vein and
not appreciated by the many.

To those of you that will be leaving us, I wish you well. I am sure
you will find free discussion lists elsewhere. I would hope you could
have shown your support for your industry by continuing with us here
at PART-15.ORG as we all have shown our support for your endeavors by
the many benefits of the discussion lists and other PART-15.ORG
benefits (I won't list all the benefits here). Good luck and fee free
to stay in touch. We will be here if you need us.


Michael R. Anderson

Chairman, PART-15.ORG

Effective 1 February 2008, our Discussion Lists will become a
Subscription Service.

This change is needed to ensure our list distribution is kept up to
date as well as generate the funds needed to maintain the list server
as well as provide additional funding to support our Emergency
Communications efforts world-wide. Our discussion list email server
sends an average of 24,000 messages per day and requires constant
supervision and maintenance.

The discussion lists provide real world, real time help for the WISP
industry. The value obtained from these lists has been said to be
extremely high. However, we at PART-15.ORG understand the difficulties
of starting and maintaining a small to medium WISP and therefore limit
the cost of subscription to $120 annually.

While there are plenty of other FREE discussion lists out there, our
list membership believes that the value of information obtained from
our lists is more valuable and therefore willing to pay the nominal
fee to receive that additional value.

Discussion List Subscription Policies

1. Discussion List Subscription is included with membership in
PART-15.ORG which includes the archives.

2. For non PART-15.ORG members, discussion list subscription is $120
per year. This subscription includes all discussion lists but NOT the
archives. Discussion List Members can join as many discussion lists
they desire for no additional costs.

3. This policy becomes effective on 1 February 2008. Current list
members will have until 1 April 2008 to either join PART-15.ORG or pay
for their subscription. All others will be deleted from the list

To join PART-15.ORG or subscribe to the discussion lists, click here.

Both are Tax Deductible

4. Corporate PART-15.ORG Membership - Allows for an unlimited number
of email addresses for Discussion Lists as well as List Archive

5. Affiliate PART-15.ORG Membership -  Allows for up to 5 email
addresses for Discussion Lists as well as List Archive Access.

6. General PART-15.ORG Membership - Allows for one email address for
Discussion Lists as well as List Archive Access.

7. Discussion List Membership - Allows for one email address for
Discussion Lists but does NOT include List Archive Access.

8. Upon paid membership in either PART-15.ORG or our Discussion Lists,
the member will receive a Letter of Donation which can be used for Tax
Deduction purposes.

9. The following Discussion Lists will remain active until further
notice. But we will be reviewing utilization statistics to ensure the
list is active, meaningful and needed.

3650 MHz
Canadian WISP
European WISP
Pacific WISP
South American WISP
Emergency-Relief (invitation only)
Professional Installer (Invitation Only)

On 1/12/08, Butch Evans <butche at butchevans.com> wrote:
> On Sat, 12 Jan 2008, Sam Tetherow wrote:
> >If he made an announcement, it was not posted to the MT or
> >Equipment list.
> Hmm...ok.  Well, someone told me that offlist, and I haven't gotten
> any email from any of the P15 lists that I am on (even the 2 lists
> that I only "lurk" on).  Perhaps it was either not true, or he may
> have sent that to someone offlist, or (more likely) it was wishful
> thinking on his part.  It would be better all the way around, I
> think, if he did keep his lists available.  That's why I wondered.
> Thanks, guys.
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