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IPv6 in RouterOS - Transitioning to IPv6 for ISPs 
Course Dates: January 28-30, 2012 
Registration: WISPGEAR.NET 

In this course, we will cover the basics of IPv6 deployment. Our focus
during this course will be on ISP networks and other existing IPv4
networks and the necessary planning to transition to a native (dual
stacked) IPv6 network using Mikrotik RouterOS v5. We will be covering in

      * IPv6 Addressing
      * Similarities and differences with IPv4
      * Routing strategies (static and dynamic)
      * Security implications and strategies
      * Customer premise equipment
      * Address allocation 
      * AND MUCH MORE!

EXTENSIVE hands on labs are included. During this course, we will deploy
a network utilizing Mikrotik RouterOS based devices. This network will
be initially laid out as an IPv4 only network. Our goal will be to
transition this network to a dual stacked IPv4 and native IPv6 network.
As part of this course, we will look at CPE devices and security
measures necessary to protect the end user networks. We will look at
(and build) a variety of address allocation strategies, access methods
and management options. 

About the trainer:
Butch Evans has been in the business to training ISPs to use RouterOS
since 2004. Butch has been involved in the ISP industry since 1994. This
prior experience is brought to bear in the development of our training
materials. Our training materials are built with implementation in mind.
Butch is the highest rated Mikrotik Trainer in the US (voted by
attendees). Attendees at our trainings LEARN THE PRODUCT! Our customers
say it best:

"I had a positive experience during my time in class. Given that this
was my first mikrotik course i was able to learn a lot. The instructor
(Butch Evans) simplifies the material and makes it really interesting,
especially when he mixes it with real life experiences at work gives it
a very practical aspect". -Yabesh Omanwa

"Butch did a great job considering the difference in student knowledge
and the amount of material he had to cover." -Neal Silvers

"This training has clarified many doubts i had about the firewall and
taught me a great deal more. Thanks". -Juan Fidalgo 

Who Should Attend:
This training is targeted toward network administrators, integrators,
managers and others who wish to gain a better handle on adding IPv6
functionality to their networks.

An understanding of networking concepts is required. Attendees should
have a good understanding IPv4 routing and addressing concepts.

Course Length:
3 FULL days (Includes LOTS of hands on training)

What you will need

You will need to have a laptop with an ethernet port available.  It is
recommended that you also have a wireless card, but that is not
necessary.  You may use Windows, Linux or Mac.  It is also recommended
that you bring along a device that is IPv6 ready that can be made part
of the class network.  All devices will be connected via copper Ethernet
connections.  In order to access the Mikrotik Routers, you will need to
be able to run the Winbox utility on your laptop.  Please ensure that
you are able to run this utility prior to class.

Where and When!

This training is being held just before the Animal Farm trade show in
Salt Lake City.  You can find details of that show HERE.  That show will
be held at the Utah State Fair Grounds in Salt Lake City.  The hotel WE
will be at is located just 1.3 miles from the Animal Farm show and only
about 3 miles from the Shilo Inn, where many of the Animal Farm
attendees will be staying.

Baymont Inn & Suites Salt Lake City
2080 W North Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84116
Phone: (801) 355-0088
Toll Free (866) 999-1111

There is a shuttle available to the airport AND for the Fairgrounds.
Rooms rates will be $62/night with the booking code "Butch Evans
Consulting".  Please call the hotel directly for the quoted rates.

This course will start on Saturday, January 28, 2012 at around 9am  and
end on Monday, January 30 at around 2pm.  

If you need further information on this course, please contact Butch
Evans at 702-537-0979.

If you attended our first IPv6 Training and wish to attend THIS
training, please call Butch Evans at 702-537-0979 to get a special
coupon code.  There is a significant discount available for those who
attended this previous training event.

* Butch Evans                * Professional Network Consultation   *
* http://www.butchevans.com/ * Network Engineering                 *
* http://store.wispgear.net/ * Wired or Wireless Networks          *
* http://blog.butchevans.com/ * ImageStream, Mikrotik and MORE!    *
*          NOTE THE NEW PHONE NUMBER: 702-537-0979                 *

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